“.... always met her deadline, which helped me keep mine….” I have been working with Karen since 2016 and since then, she helped me in so many different ways. Her supportive and always encouraging attitude have not only helped my business move forward but leap forward. Karen is a joy to work with, making copywriting seem effortless and even enjoyable! The insight she gave me really improved the flow of the copy. She also always met her deadlines, which helped me keep mines! And that's incredibly valuable to me! 

Catherine Jadot, PhD
Director of Projects, ES Caribbean

 “... developed materials that encouraged people to participate…” Karen does a wonderful job of organizing ideas and developing materials that help people get on board. I was working with a team that was attempting to organize people in the church to split into multiple teams and serve at multiple sites. We had a good idea, but needed help to get it off the ground. Karen created print materials that clearly explained the idea and encouraged people to participate. She was helping in creating a timeline for the organization of the event and its promotion. Karen was key to the events success! 

Rev. Denvil Farley
Port Charlotte United Methodist Church

 “... brings humor and lightness to the working environment…” Having worked with Karen over the past years on a variety of projects, I’ve watched her stay focused on the goal and how to achieve it without creating angst. She has an innate ability to see the vision and narrow it down to the next logical step. It is impressive to see the project unfold in a timely and professional manor. She brings humor and a lightness to the working environment that makes the most difficult task a pleasure, and completes it with precision, no matter how difficult the task at hand is. Karen can also make any personality type feel comfortable and she brings out the best in the individuals she is working with. I highly recommend working with Karen if you want the job done well! 

Annette Fazio
Author, Speaker, Trainer