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When you know your prospects and address their pain with your content, you begin a conversation.

When their problem clouds their ability to see a solution, and they are blind with frustration, it takes extraordinary insight to engage them.

When you give words to their frustrations they know you understand them. Identifying their pain provides you access to a motivating moment.

Giving understanding and encouragement at the right time positions you for consideration.

Showcasing solutions you provided your clients allows anyone with those same problems hope for a similar outcome. Rather than claiming your own worth, sharing your clients’ successes elevates you as the best choice.

Knowing which stories to share when comes from my 20 years of experience in direct sales, 12 years as an owner/operator and over 10 years as a marketing strategist and copywriter.

I'm Karen Post, freelance copywriter.

My process starts with identifying your goals combined with a clear understanding of your client, so your content engages them from the start. I also identify where in the customer journey the copy will be used so it motivates them to take the next action.