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Helping companies create marketing content and lead generation pieces to engage clients.

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When you know your prospects and address their pain with your content, you begin a conversation.

When their problem clouds their ability to see a solution, and they are blind with frustration, it takes extraordinary insight to engage them.

When you give words to their frustrations they know you understand them. Identifying their pain provides you access to a motivating moment.

Giving understanding and encouragement at the right time positions you for consideration.

Showcasing solutions you provided your clients allows anyone with those same problems hope for a similar outcome. Rather than claiming your own worth, sharing your clients’ successes elevates you as the best choice.

Knowing which stories to share when comes from my 20 years of experience in direct sales, 12 years as an owner/operator and over 10 years as a marketing strategist and copywriter.

I'm Karen Post, freelance copywriter.

My process starts with identifying your goals combined with a clear understanding of your client, so your content engages them from the start. I also identify where in the customer journey the copy will be used so it motivates them to take the next action.

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As a co-owner of a brick and mortar in a small beach town on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I understand your audience.

Having been your client for over 12 years, I know the right time to share stories. I know when to inspire and when to assure them of your support. These stories shared at the right time can cultivate loyal customers.

Lead Generation and Nurture Content
Marketing and copywriting have been a passion of mine even prior to my journalism degree. My hands-on experience grew a stable business that has thrived for over a decade.

My writing has moved clients to take the most important action, set an appointment.

You benefit from my skills to write persuasively. Your projects don’t stand alone. I understand where your project falls within the customer journey and how much impact it will have on moving them to take the next step.

Journalism Degree
Earned my BS in Mass Communications from USF, University of South Florida, back in 1991. Starting out in journalism, enables me to bring forth nuggets, from research or interviews, that resonate with your audience.

Your stories can move and engage your ideal clients. Sharing stories that bring to life the gift of your technology can get them to take action.

If you have an upcoming project you would like to discuss, call me at 941-286-4567. Or email me at Karen@CoreBizStrategy.com, include any details about the project, due date, and budget.

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Another business luncheon and the stereotypical rubber chicken meal. Staring down at my plate, I felt sadness wash over me.  

The Chamber of Commerce luncheon honored finalist for Business of the Year. Our hearing aid office earned one of the 18 finalists’ slots for Small Business.

We were here to celebrate our success yet my thoughts were tumbling. I realized this part of my life was ending. It was time to restructure my position in the business and move on.

The Chamber President’s voice interrupted my thoughts. He asked each finalist to stand. Then announced the winner for Small Business.

As we approached the podium to accept the honor, my heart was breaking.

We started the business back in 2007. He had been in the hearing industry for eight years by then. He had the skills and I had the business ability including marketing and processes.

During those 12 years, I refined our marketing message. As the marketing strategist, I wrote all the copy; advertorials, speeches, website, blogs, printed monthly newsletter, articles for newspapers, direct mailers and all internal documents.

Four years ago, I created an annual calendar and tweaked it, so it runs on autopilot.

A few months before the Chamber’s luncheon, I took an in-depth copywriting course, just to engage me.

During this course I learned how I could share my skills and talents with other companies. Prior to this course, it never occurred to me that my knowledge and skills could become my own business.

Becoming a marketing consultant to our staff at the hearing aid office prepared me for working with other companies. This enabled me to refine the process I developed over the years that benefited the hearing aid office.

Launching my copywriting business challenged me to step into my best self.

In a way, it seems I spent those 12 years interning for my copywriting business.

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To see what others, have to say about working with me, click on Testimonials.

 Content Marketing

Engages readers with thought leadership or subject matter expertise. Can be used both offline in articles or online as website copy or blogs.


An article that matches the style and tone of the publication. It includes useful information and benefits of the products or services. It concludes with a clear call to action.


Develop relationships and increase credibility by sharing information on a regular basis. Opportunity to reinforce the tone and branding message.

 Case Study

Stories that showcase a successful implementation of a product or service. Leveraging user success stories takes advantage of social proof and story-telling, both are highly influential for new prospects.

 Marketing Strategy

Aligns a marketing plan to business goals. Having clear goals offers an opportunity to measure and respond for increased revenue. Focusing on an audience ensures a budget and all resources are used to their full advantage.

 Copy Critique

Assess the effectiveness and impact of current copy and offers insight to improve results. Ensure tone and messaging is on brand and within all materials.

 Email Marketing

Keep in front of your most important clients and develop relationships with prospects. Get immediate results whether using emails to generate leads or promote a new product.

 White Papers

Positioned as a trusted adviser, used as an education tool or to define a market space. Shared with prospects, white papers are an impactful lead generation tool. They are influential with media and channel partners.

 Presentation Materials

Keeps attendees engaged and frames you as an authority. Materials can be a future reference source. They showcase your thought leadership and value as a business partner.

 “.... always met her deadline, which helped me keep mine….” I have been working with Karen since 2016 and since then, she helped me in so many different ways. Her supportive and always encouraging attitude have not only helped my business move forward but leap forward. Karen is a joy to work with, making copywriting seem effortless and even enjoyable! The insight she gave me really improved the flow of the copy. She also always met her deadlines, which helped me keep mines! And that's incredibly valuable to me! 

Catherine Jadot, PhD
Director of Projects, ES Caribbean

 “... developed materials that encouraged people to participate…” Karen does a wonderful job of organizing ideas and developing materials that help people get on board. I was working with a team that was attempting to organize people in the church to split into multiple teams and serve at multiple sites. We had a good idea, but needed help to get it off the ground. Karen created print materials that clearly explained the idea and encouraged people to participate. She was helping in creating a timeline for the organization of the event and its promotion. Karen was key to the events success! 

Rev. Denvil Farley
Port Charlotte United Methodist Church

 “... brings humor and lightness to the working environment…” Having worked with Karen over the past years on a variety of projects, I’ve watched her stay focused on the goal and how to achieve it without creating angst. She has an innate ability to see the vision and narrow it down to the next logical step. It is impressive to see the project unfold in a timely and professional manor. She brings humor and a lightness to the working environment that makes the most difficult task a pleasure, and completes it with precision, no matter how difficult the task at hand is. Karen can also make any personality type feel comfortable and she brings out the best in the individuals she is working with. I highly recommend working with Karen if you want the job done well! 

Annette Fazio
Author, Speaker, Trainer
  • 242 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, FL, USA