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Another business luncheon and the stereotypical rubber chicken meal. Staring down at my plate, I felt sadness wash over me.  

The Chamber of Commerce luncheon honored finalist for Business of the Year. Our hearing aid office earned one of the 18 finalists’ slots for Small Business.

We were here to celebrate our success yet my thoughts were tumbling. I realized this part of my life was ending. It was time to restructure my position in the business and move on.

The Chamber President’s voice interrupted my thoughts. He asked each finalist to stand. Then announced the winner for Small Business.

As we approached the podium to accept the honor, my heart was breaking.

We started the business back in 2007. He had been in the hearing industry for eight years by then. He had the skills and I had the business ability including marketing and processes.

During those 12 years, I refined our marketing message. As the marketing strategist, I wrote all the copy; advertorials, speeches, website, blogs, printed monthly newsletter, articles for newspapers, direct mailers and all internal documents.

Four years ago, I created an annual calendar and tweaked it, so it runs on autopilot.

A few months before the Chamber’s luncheon, I took an in-depth copywriting course, just to engage me.

During this course I learned how I could share my skills and talents with other companies. Prior to this course, it never occurred to me that my knowledge and skills could become my own business.

Becoming a marketing consultant to our staff at the hearing aid office prepared me for working with other companies. This enabled me to refine the process I developed over the years that benefited the hearing aid office.

Launching my copywriting business challenged me to step into my best self.

In a way, it seems I spent those 12 years interning for my copywriting business.

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